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Terrines Forestière with Cherries, Raisins & Ginger.jpg

Terrines Forestière with Cherries, Raisins & Ginger


  • 300 g (10 oz) terrine forestière (with wild mushrooms)

  • Sourdough bread

  • 50 g (1/3 cup) golden raisins

  • 1 small piece of ginger

  • 200 g (1 1/3 cup) Morello cherries, pitted

  • 45 ml (3 tbsp.) balsamic vinegar

  • 2 cinnamon sticks

  • Peppercorns


  • Grill the bread slices. In a small saucepan, cover raisins with water. Boil for 10 minutes until they swell. Add water as needed.

  • Peel the ginger and cut it into thin slices.

  • In a nonstick skillet, heat the cherries in a frying pan, then remove them while leaving the juice that has formed. Add the balsamic vinegar, ginger, cinnamon sticks and raisins. Heat it all until the liquid has reduced by half.

  • Prepare the plates: in each, place 2 slices of grilled bread, then thin slices of terrine. Surround with cherries and their juice. Add pepper.

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