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Raw Sausages To Grill

Sausages are charcuterie products whose casings are stuffed with minced meat, and are salted and seasoned differently according to recipe and region. Raw sausages to grill, pan fry or fry are perfect for summertime barbecues.


Chipolatas are made from pork sausage meat stuffed into a natural gut.

Directions for use:
Most often, it is cooked on the barbecue or pan-fried

Chipolatas should be kept in the refrigerator (between 0 and 4°).
- If packaged in a shrink-wrapped tray, they can be kept for 6 days.
- If packaged in a protective atmosphere, the shelf life can be extended from 12 to 20 days.
- If bought freshly cut, these sausages should be consumed within 2 to 3 days.
Chipolatas can also be frozen to increase their shelf life to 365 days.


Originally from the Maghreb, merguez is traditionally made from beef and lamb meat stuffed into a sheep gut. The spices (chilli, cumin, paprika etc) give it its characteristic red color.

Directions for use:
Like the chipolata, the merguez is the preferred guest of barbecues but also a must for the famous couscous. The couscous is an emblematic dish of the traditional cooking of the Maghreb. It is composed of durum wheat semolina, chickpeas, vegetables, spices, olive oil, meat or fish. It can be served hot or cold.


Identical to that of the chipolatas



Large diameter sausages are made from the grinding and mixing of pork meat and fat (ham, shoulder, loin, belly, chopped bacon fat) stuffed into a natural casing. They can measure between 20 and 40mm in diameter.

Advice for use:
With duck confit, carrots, onions and of course white beans, the sausage will be the essential ingredient to make cassoulet.

The sausage can be kept for a week in the refrigerator (between 0 and 4°) but is best kept fresh. If dried, it can be kept for several months.
This sausage can also be frozen to increase its shelf life to 365 days.

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