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Pâté & Terrines

Liver pâtés, country pâtés, liver mousses or creams, terrines, preserves… The great variety of pâtés and terrines is due to the nature of the raw materials, the meats’ different preparation methods (seasonings, marinades) but also their mincing and cooking.

Depending on the mood and inventiveness of the “chef”, pâtés can be dressed up with truffles or foie gras, with oranges in the case of duck pâté, with seasoning and particularly thyme for rabbit pâté, and with mushrooms and onions for country-style terrines. Herbs, especially parsley but also marjoram and sage, delicately enhance pâtés, whether they be pork or game. Some cooks use Guérande or Noirmoutier salt, peppercorns, berries, spices, or even alcohol (Armagnac, Cognac), a liqueur (juniper, for instance) or wine, contributing a particular flavour to their products. Small wonders that will leave you wanting more.

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