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Andouille & Andouillette

Andouille sausage and andouillette (literally “little andouille”) are among charcuterie products that are both low in fat and good sources of protein. They are made with components from a pig’s gastrointestinal tract, coarsely chopped, encased then cooked. Eventually, various spices, aromatic herbs and condiments are also added—these are the only authorized ingredients and additives. Andouille is a ready-to-eat product, without any preparation. After being stuffed in natural casings, andouillettes undergo cooking.



Andouille is traditionally served cold and cut into thin slices. Reheated, it pairs well with various toppings or can enhance the flavours of recipes it’s added to. Given that andouillette is pre-cooked, reheating is all that’s recommended prior to eating. To prevent it from bursting, gently prick it with a fork prior to cooking. Grilled, pan-fried or warmed in the oven, it goes well with a bit of mustard.




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